*Please Note That These Links Are Just A Guide To Interesting Stuff I've Found*
*There May Contain Many Crossover Catagories In Each Link*
*It's Just What I Liked Best There*


Viewpoint: Digimation
Click Here For The 3D Cafe Free Stuff Site
The Singularity's free models
A space library: NASA models: DXF mostly
3D Gallery: models of limos, cars, superheros
Free 3d Mesh Objects, Textures And Web Art
Nice Links Page For Objects: click on the links button
Dedicated Digital: 3D Models For Animation, Web Graphics And Illustration
Forward Design: Nice 3DS Models: Free
The Movie Mesh Site
Amazing 3d Graphics: free 3ds models
Mr. Furniture
Mesh Factory
3D Total: free objects
Preset Central
Trillium 36
3d Spline
Accutrans 3D: translates lots of formats
3D UP models
Lightwave Group
World Construction Set Data Availability
TurboSquid: do a search: very good
Ultimate 3D Links
Poser to Lightwave Website
Famous Faces: Facial Animation Software
Welcome to the Singularity
Geo-metricks 3D Models


Digital Producer Lightwave Tutorials entry page
How to use Inverse Kinematics
Graham's Lightwave tips
Anatomy of a walk: Character Animation
How to create complex meshes with NURBS
Deer tutorial with Metanurbs
Me of 3D tutorials
Tutorvision 3D: looks cool: $$$
Elfworks Skin-o-matic: how to apply complex textures
DVLive: Digital Video Resources Online
3D Cafe's Tutorials: Lightwave
Alternate Perspective Online Tutorials
Eki's Home: Nice Tutorials


Demscape Lightwave plug-in
USGS: Geo Data: for DEM plug-in
qemLOSS2: polygon reduction plug-in
Me of 3D: cool free plug-ins and tutorials
Parent Bone: A mostly useful plug-in for Lightwave 3D
Prem's Power Plug-ins Page: Surface Effectors/Relativity: Very Popular
The Lightwave 3d Shades Project: Good Idea


Fontasm: Fonts for Lightwave
Fonts And Things - The Most Unusual Fonts On-line
(not a big list but I found what I wanted there)


Millenium 3D
Absolute Background Textures Archive: 2400+ free tiling textures
ImageShoppe: If you ever want to buy great cloud footage on CDRom
Artbeats Products: Have to pay but nice
OZONE: backgrounds and textures
Making Seamless Image Sequences
Infinity Textures Web Resource: Software to make Seamless Textures: Cool


NEWTEKpro LightWave News
Visual Magic
Vionline Lightwave Magazine
3D Artist
Computer Graphics World Online
Keyframe Magazine
Cinefex: The Best: Quarterly
Cinefex Contents
Siggraph Computer Graphics Newsletter
DV Live Home Page

-Cool General Lightwave Links-

The Lightwave Job Board: Get a job!
Newtek: The makers of Lightwave
3D Ark: The web's #1 resource for 3D CGI enthusiasts
Digital Domain
VFX Freelancer
The new graphics BBS web site: The 3D Spot
Hammerhead Productions Software: Free color correction software for NT
LightwaveDave: Works at Foundation entry page: Primordial Soup site: Best on the net
Ulimate 3D Links: Fantastic
Vancouver Film Student Homepage: Lightwave And Compositing


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